Appalachian Prosperity Project Fellow

We’re looking forward to working with communities in southwest Virginia to develop and bring technologies that improve hemp and botanical processing and grow rural economies. Read more about it here:

Collaboration with Air Products on cryogenic processing of industrial hemp

We’re excited to work with Air Products to investigate the use of cryogenic processing to improve industrial hemp processing, extraction and chemical integrity. Learn more about it here:

Lytos Technologies receives competitive Virginia Catalyst award

Lytos Technologies is an early-stage biotech start-up based in Charlottesville, Virginia founded by Bryan Berger. The mission of Lytos is to develop green, organic and effective solutions for pre- and post-harvest protection of high-value crops such as cannabis, as well as for microbial control and removal in homes, processing facilities and humidity control systems. Lytos recently received a highly competitive, $500,000 Virginia Catalyst grant awarded annually by the Commonwealth to the top university start-ups that year in Virginia. Lytos also recently won a highly competitive Commonwealth Foundation Commercialization Funds award from the Center for Innovative Technologies (“CIT”), and also was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Central Virginia/Charlottesville Business and Innovation Council (“CBIC”) ‘Innovator of the Year’ based on their success and positive impact on improving organic, sustainable agriculture.

Read more about it here:’s-agricultural-biotech-startup-reaps-competitive-grant-virginia-catalyst