Lytos Technologies receives competitive Virginia Catalyst award

Lytos Technologies is an early-stage biotech start-up based in Charlottesville, Virginia founded by Bryan Berger. The mission of Lytos is to develop green, organic and effective solutions for pre- and post-harvest protection of high-value crops such as cannabis, as well as for microbial control and removal in homes, processing facilities and humidity control systems. Lytos recently received a highly competitive, $500,000 Virginia Catalyst grant awarded annually by the Commonwealth to the top university start-ups that year in Virginia. Lytos also recently won a highly competitive Commonwealth Foundation Commercialization Funds award from the Center for Innovative Technologies (“CIT”), and also was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Central Virginia/Charlottesville Business and Innovation Council (“CBIC”) ‘Innovator of the Year’ based on their success and positive impact on improving organic, sustainable agriculture.

Read more about it here:’s-agricultural-biotech-startup-reaps-competitive-grant-virginia-catalyst

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